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We’re  a handful of Catalans volunteers and enthusiasts of Catalonia who spend many hours of our personal free time surfing and scouting hundreds of videos and handpicking videos about Barcelona, Catalonia in general and The Catalans… aiming to show and explain foreign visitors and tourist alike what this small nation is all about: what to dowhat to see and where to go. We have now over 500 videos indexed in our website.

We have plenty of beaches, monuments, historical sites, picturesque little towns, great cities, breathtaking scenic views, sacred places, high peaks and mountain ranges, ski resorts, old ruins, diverse and unique flora and fauna, beautiful natural parks, one of the world’s best gastronomy, wonderful and warm people, and plenty of sun… and all these within Catalonia, a small territory the size of Belgium or the state of Maryland (US), what else can you ask for?

Discover Barcelona and Catalonia with us!

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