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Ulldecona is a town in the South of Catalonia, in the comarca (county) of Montsià, near the Senia River. Ulldecona is part of the Taula del Sénia free association of municipalities. It has got town privileges since 1273.

This route, offered by Conficon Hostesses, starts with a visit to the Finca de l’Arión, a sort of natural open-air museum where you can see several millennial olive trees, many dating from the times when this land formed part of the Western Roman empire. An olive oil tasting is conducted at the end of the visit. Next, a tour of the medieval castle of Ulldecona, built probably during the Arab occupation was taken by the Christian troops of the Count of Montcada in 1148. In 1773 it was ceded to the Orde de Sant Joan de l’Hospital de Jerusalem, also known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Finally the highlight of the tour, the cave paintings at Ulldecona Hermitage, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998, is one of the most important groups of Levantine cave art in the Iberian peninsula. They are situated to the north of the town, in La Serra de Godall, close to the Pietat Hermitage. In these mountain cavities, there are 11 neolithic caves with paintings nearly 6,000 years old. Along what is almost 500 metres of rocks and caves, there are more than 400 images showing different fighting scenes. It is believed that paintings were a means of communication, marking sacred places, but were also used to pass on traditions, history and the cultural values of the villagers.

Also worth visiting the historic Centre of Ulldecona, which has preserved numerous buildings from different eras such as the Church of St. Luke, of Catalan Gothic style which stands imposing in the centre of the village.

Information: departure at 10am from the Tourist Office in Ulldecona. Every Saturday of the year and from June 1st to September 15th also Thursdays and Fridays. Visits in English, French and German. Indicate when booking whether you’ll bring your own vehicle as the route includes visits to different locations, if not, we’ll arrange transportation for you.

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