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Consider something beyond just the simple “stand and gawp” tourism. Spain and Catalonia have a rich and varied culture that you should try to sample, for example, if you are visiting at the time of the astonishing (and at times a little frightening) Unesco World Heritage festival of La Patum de Berga which is an easy drive from Barcelona. Try searching for “Salt de Plens” on Youtube to see if this is something that might appeal. The last minute of this video gets quite exciting… or there is the sombra and moving Dança de l’Aliga of which this is a rare and chaotic close up whilst this is perhaps a more traditional view. And nope, despite appearances nobody gets hurt…

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Apologies for the low quality of the video presented but we thought it was interesting nonetheless to illustrate this event.

WHEN?: week of Corpus Christi

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La Patum festivities in Berga

Video: © Roger Alire

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