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Come to see the unspoiled less touristy side of Catalonia!

Between the months of April and October a vintage train plies the route through the loveliest natural landscapes in the area of Lleida: El Tren dels Llacs (The Train of the Lakes). The return journey departs from the plain of Lleida and goes as far as La Pobla de Segur, where you can see the peaks of the Pyrenees, after passing four beautiful lakes. A different way of discovering the natural attractions of Lleida in the space of a day.

The journey starts at Lleida station with the whistle of the Garrafeta (a historic steam locomotive) and a cloud of white smoke. Once it reaches Balaguer, the journey continues in the Yeyés (old-fashioned diesel locomotives), which borders the reservoirs of Sant Llorenç de Montgai, Camarasa, Cellers and Sant Antoni. The route passes through a spectacular natural setting which is a favourite venue for adventure sports enthusiasts as well as for birdwatchers and stargazers. The vintage period train with its wooden furnishings and large windows adds a special charm to the tour.

Things to remember: the historic train route is only available a few days every month, so advance booking is required. You can do this at There are also regular scheduled trains which cover the same route with a greater frequency than the tourist train. Both the tourist trains stop at particularly attractive intermediate points which are ideal for enjoying a day of active tourism.

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NOTE:  The train depicted in the video is not the vintage train

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