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La Mercè is Barcelona’s biggest festival, celebrated to honour the city’s patroness saint, Mercè: concerts, traditions and family activities that you won’t want to miss. It’s celebrated for four days nearly at the end of September and includes 600+ FREE events spread across the city. Last year’s guest city was Buenos Aires and this year’s it was Paris.

The pyromusical -with lots of music, lights and fireworks- is held in Montjuïc, by the Magic Fountain on the last night, and officially closes the festival. The attendance surpasses 120.000 people. This video is the official TV3 -the Catalan National broadcaster- coverage of the event.

WHEN?: eve of last night of the festival, nearly the end of September

More information: -official program (only available during the festival)

Other videos:

La Mercè 2014
Barcelona town hall facade lit-up during La Merce Festival

Video: © tv3

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