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La Mercè is Barcelona’s biggest festival, celebrated to honour the city’s patroness saint, Mercè: concerts, traditions and family activities that you won’t want to miss. It’s celebrated for five days nearly at the end of September and includes 600+ events spread across the city. The pyromusical is held in Montjuïc, by the Magic Fountain on the night of the 24th and officially closes the festival. The attendance surpasses 120.000 people. This video is the official TV3 broadcast of the event -the Catalan National broadcaster.

This has been an special year because it’s the 300th anniversary (1714-2014) when Catalonia, which capital is Barcelona, lost its constitutions and liberties to the absolute power of Spanish King Philip V after the fall of the city in Sep 11th, 1714 at the end of the War of Spanish Succession. Thus, the pyromusical has slightly changed its format from past years to include video projections in a 1000 sq m. impromptu screen alongside the traditional and most visible fireworks display and the light and music show of the Magic Fountain. Poetry and traditional Catalan songs are offered in remembrance of this dark period that descended upon Catalonia after its demise and in homage to some of the most prominent Catalan global figures of these past three centuries: Narcís Monturiol, Antoni Gaudí and Pau Casals among other.

WHEN?: eve of September 24th

More information: -official program

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La Mercè 2014
Barcelona town hall facade lit-up during La Merce Festival

Video: © tv3


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