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More information: http://www.roses.cat/ -official town site. In Catalan only. http://visit.roses.cat/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roses,_Girona How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com S...

Port Aventura amusement park

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Port Aventura is a theme park and a resort located 100 km. (62 mi.) south of Barcelona, in Salou, on the Costa Daurada. It attracts around 4 million visitors per year making it the most visited theme park in Spain and...


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The name of this town, Salou in Catalan, is often mispronounced by tourists, it's "sah-loh-oo". Note that the famous amusement park of Port Aventura is located only a few kilometres from Salou. More information: ...


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More information: http://www.visitestartit.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'Estartit How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com Source: http://spain-holiday.com  


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Also worth paying a visit to the nearby ruins of the old Greek settlement of Empúries located merely 3 km. (1.5 mi.) from the centre of L'Escala. More information: http://www.visitlescala.com/EN/47/Home.html ht...

La Torre del Remei in the Pyrenees

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In the Catalan Pyrenees, in the town of Bolvir de Cerdanya, next to the Cadí nature reserve, surrounded by three hectares of gardens with magnificent sequoias, a little palace of the modernist style is transformed tod...

Recipes: Chicken with mushrooms

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Pollastre amb bolets (chicken with mushrooms) is a traditional recipe made in many countries and with many variations. The video presents the typical Catalan way of cooking this recipe at home. Pan-roasting is the ...

Recipes: fideuà

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Fideuà has become one of the most popular meals in Catalonia. It is based in fried thin noodles, boiled with fish broth and served with ‘allioli’. Its origin is supposed to be valencian –due to its wrong orthography, ...

Recipes: duck with pears

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Ànec amb peres (duck with pears) is a traditional Catalan recipe that mixes salty and sweet taste. It's typically cooked on 'Festa Major' day (town celebration day) basically in Girona counties, but spread to all Cata...

Recipes: homemade Catalan Easter cake

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The Mona de Pasqua (Easter cake) is a sweet pastry typical of Catalonia, generally decorated with hard-boiled eggs. This pastry is called "mona" - monkey in Catalan- because it's said the first ones had the shape of t...

A typical calçotada in Valls

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What are many of your Catalan friends doing next Sunday? From November to April, chances are they are meeting for a calçotada, a traditional party consisting mainly of eating calçots, that is, sweet onions typical fro...

Recipe: Romesco sauce, the secret ingredient to eat calçots

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As the legend goes, a 19th-century Catalan farmer was out experimenting in his fields when he came up with a new kind of longer, juicier green onion, the calçot (pronounced "kal-sot"). In creating the onion, the farme...

Recipes: canalons

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Canalons is the classic version originating from Italian immigrants during the nineteenth century, it is also worth noting that Sardinia was once part of the Catalan ‘empire’ (Catalan can still be heard in Alghero) al...

Recipes: crema catalana

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Traditionally, crema catalana ("Catalan cream") or crema cremada ("Burnt cream") was made only on St Joseph’s Day (the Catalan equivalent of Father’s Day), on 19 March, by grannies and maiden aunts. These days, there ...

Recipes: Escalivada

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Escalivada, a roasted vegetable dish is typical from the regions of Catalonia and Aragon. Its name comes from a verb in Catalan meaning "to roast in the embers." It is a simple dish, with rural origins, made from...

Recipes: Escudella, at the typical Catalan Christmas lunch

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How to easily cook the traditional catalan Christmas soup: Escudella i carn d'olla. Escudella (meaning bowl in Catalan) - a large stew-soup traditionally made at Christmas, a favourite cold-weather dish to warm the...

Bicycling in La Terra Alta

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Explore the Via Verda (Green Track), aimed at people who love cycling. This route is of medium difficulty if you are on your bike, but you can also follow it on horseback or on foot. The route follows the old railway ...

Horta de Sant Joan

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Horta de Sant Joan is one of the most picturesque villages in the Terra Alta region. The surrounding mountains and mediaeval alleyways in the old quarter give it an almost magical feel. The route through the village s...

Canyoning in Horta de Sant Joan

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More information: http://www.montsport.es/en/barranquismehorta/ Other videos: Bicycling in La Terra Alta Horta de Sant Joan This video is a promotional advertisement. Reference in this site to any specifi...

Torres winery estate in Pacs del Penedès

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The estates of Mas La Plana and Mas Rabell, at 30' from Barcelona, the Torres winery offers a great experience to discover the origins, the philosophy and the delicate winemaking process behind some of the most awarde...

The wildest side of La Patum de Berga

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Consider something beyond just the simple "stand and gawp" tourism. Spain and Catalonia have a rich and varied culture that you should try to sample, for example, if you are visiting at the time of the astonishing (an...

Another beautiful timelapse movie

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A beautiful timelapse movie showing different landmarks of Catalonia and its capital Barcelona. Special mention to the views of Montserrat, the multi-peaked mountain near Barcelona. "Montserrat" literally means "saw (...

Sitges, the Catalan answer to St. Tropez

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Sitges is located between the Garraf Massif and the sea, it is known for its beaches, nightspots, and historical sites. While the roots of Sitges' artsy reputation date back to the late 19th century, when painter Sant...

Adventure sports in the Lleida Pyrenees

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Summer proposals to enjoy nature with your friends and family while enjoying a bit of sport at the same time! More information: http://www.lleidatur.com/tourism/home.aspx How to get there from Barcelona Vi...


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Lleida is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, with recorded settlements dating back to the Bronze Age period. Until the Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, the area served as a settlement for an Iberian people,...

La castanyada

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La Castanyada (Catalan pronunciation: [kas-tah-nee-ah-dah]) is a popular festival celebrated in Catalonia mainly on All Saints' Day. In Occitania, the similar festival Castanhada is celebrated, but not on All Saints' ...

La Patum festivities in Berga

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La Patum is a popular and historic devotional festival which is held annually in the town of Berga, near the Pyrennes, during the week of Corpus Christi. Its origin can be attributed to the old theatrical performances...

Renaissance Festival in Tortosa

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The Festa del Reinaxement ("Reinassance Festival") is the splendour of a 16th century city. Over 3,000 citizens in period costumes and 60 shows a day with over 500 actors transport us to the Tortosa of 500 years ago. ...

Natural Park of the Ebre Wetlands

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This is the largest wetland in Catalonia, and one of the most important in the Mediterranean region The estuary of the river, which gives its name to this region, forms a first class nature reserve, with a richness of...

Castells and castellers

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A castell (Catalan pronunciation: [kas-tel]) is a human tower built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Catalonia. At these festivals, several "colles castelleres" or teams often succeed in building an...

Festival Internacional de la Porta Ferrada

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The Porta Ferrada International Festival, instituted in 1958, is celebrated in the town's monastery of Sant Feliu de Guíxols in La Costa Brava, and has become internationally popular with time. It involves theatre, mu...


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More information: http://www.blanesturisme.cat/ http://www.visitblanes.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blanes How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com Source: http://spain-holiday.com ...

La Costa Brava

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More information: http://en.costabrava.org/main/home.aspx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costa_Brava How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com Source: http://spain-holiday.com  


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More information: http://www.begur.cat/turisme/eng/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begur,_Spain How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com Source: http://spain-holiday.com  

Lloret de Mar

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More information: http://lloretdemar.org/en/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloret_de_Mar How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com Source: http://spain-holiday.com  


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More information: http://www.cambrils.cat/turisme http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambrils How to get there from Barcelona Video: © spain-holiday.com Source: http://spain-holiday.com  

Santa Maria Church in Cadaqués

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By the way, ignore Naomi's very bad pronunciation of the town, please it's "kah-dah-kes" (emphasize in the last syllable) More information: http://www.visitcadaques.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadaqu%C3%A...

Museu Salvador Dalí

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The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres (Girona) is dedicated to the painter that it showcases. This building is a rival in weirdness for some of Dali's own works. Within the walls of the museum are hundreds of his piece...

The World’s strangests buildings

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Yes, this is about Barcelona too, just continue listening! More information: http://www.lapedrera.com/en/home http://www.casabatllo.es/en https://www.salvador-dali.org/museus/en_index.html Video: © geobeats...

Baqueira Beret ski resort

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The ski resort is one of the most popular in the South of Europe, with more than 120 kilometres of ski slopes. Skiing is one of the main economic activities in the area of Vall d'Aran, in north-west Catalonia. More...