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Flower Festival in Girona

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Temps de Flors (Flower Festival) in Girona For 10 days in May, the city of Girona's historical buildings, courtyards and gardens are adorned with floral arrangements and art installations with a programme of cultur...

Castle of Púbol, The House of Gala Dalí

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The castle at Púbol ("poo-bohl")  was the home to surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala (but not at the same time). Gala is buried at the castle. In 1968, Dalí bought Gala her own separate castle in Púbol...

La Vall d’Aran, the essence of the Pyrenees

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Escaping a few days to the mountains of the Pyrenees, in the comarca (county) of Vall d'Aran, located at the top left corner of Catalonia. Merely at a four hour drive from Barcelona you encounter one of the remaining ...

La Ribera d’Ebre county

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The Ribera d'Ebre county, literally meaning "banks of the Ebre river" -one of the most important rivers on the Iberian Peninsula: Ebre in Catalan, Ebro in Spanish- is one of those little hidden gems that Catalonia has...

Sant Antoni de Calonge

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More information: http://www.calonge.cat -official town site. In Catalan and Spanish only. http://www.calonge-santantoni.com/index.php?chlan=gb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sant_Antoni_de_Calonge How to get th...

Typical Christmas menu

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Video: © videosfrombarcelona Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMC0meBehoc

Caganers and the Nativity scenes in Christmas

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A caganer (Catalan pronunciation: [ka-gah-neh]) is a figurine depicted in the act of defecation appearing in nativity scenes in Catalonia and neighbouring areas with Catalan culture such as Andorra, Valencia, former N...

Homage to a Catalan Christmas

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This is a video showing and explaining some of the Christmas traditions in Catalonia as seen by an American from Iowa. Yes, I know what you're thinking: "Those crazy Catalans!", lol!, we're indeed a bit... eschatologi...

Ball de bastons

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Ball de Bastons (Sticks dance) is the name of a ritual weapon dance spread throughout Europe and the rest of the Iberian area (cossiers in Majorca, Portuguese pauliteiros, Aragonese palotiau, Basque ezpatadantza and S...

Day of the Mussel in Alcanar

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In Alcanar, a small fishing town located in the southernmost edge of Catalonia, by the river Ebre delta, the Day of the Mussel of the Ebre Delta has been celebrated every year since 2001. Hundreds of kilograms of stea...


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Bagà is a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees. The village has a medieval origin and retains its old charm. Bagà is located in the north of the Alt Bergueda comarca (county), and is considered to be the historical c...

Baixada de Torxes at the ski slopes

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Tradition says that the first San Silvestre race was held in 1925 in São Paulo. It was inspired on an old French custom which consisted of races celebrated on the night of New Year, and that's why participants used to...

Baixada de Falles at the Pyrenees

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The popular tradition of the baixada de falles (running of the falles), a sort of march from the mountains to the town carrying a flaming torch, is a traditional festival of many towns at the Alta Ribagorça, Pallars J...

Andorra, the Pyrenean Country

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While Andorra is not in Catalonia, we thought it might be also interesting to consider when visiting Catalonia as its proximity and beauty makes it a very compelling place to visit. Andorra is a small country in so...

Visiting the mussels’ farms at the delta of the Ebre river

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If you're looking for a different experience on your next trip to Catalonia, put on your list a visit to the seafood farms at the Ebre river delta. The industry of harvesting mussels, clams and oysters in the south of...

Montblanc & Medieval Week of Sant Jordi

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Montblanc is the capital of the comarca (county) of Conca de Barberà, 40km north of Tarragona. Its name, White Mountain in English, was originally due to a lack of green vegetation, the town today, set amidst lush vin...

Training to become a ‘casteller’

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We're in Barcelona to learn about the art of human castles. In this video, we meet the Castellers de Barcelona who explain the culture and tradition behind the sport and why it has become a passion for so many in the ...

Ave Maria sung by L’Escolania de Montserrat (boys choir)

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More information: http://www.infocatalonia.eu/w/2013/11/montserrat/ Video: © EscolaniaMontserrat Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Vaasx4r_s

The Train of the Lakes

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Come to see the unspoiled less touristy side of Catalonia! Between the months of April and October a vintage train plies the route through the loveliest natural landscapes in the area of Lleida: El Tren dels Llacs ...

Aqualeon: a safari tour and a water park, all in one!

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Aqualeon has a wide variety of water park rides for the whole family, as well as a safari, the latter can be enjoyed on the Safari Bus from which you can see up close: lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, bears and jagu...

Active tourism at Terres de l’Ebre: a nature lover’s paradise

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At Terres de l'Ebre, south of Catalonia, there are a variety of natural areas suitable for active tourism and adventure trekking, canyoning, climbing and observation, among others. The idea of discovery which is al...

Catifes de Flors (floral carpets) in Sitges

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The Corpus Christi Festival is one of the prettiest events in Sitges. The streets of the town covered in murals made from flower petals as part of a long standing tradition. On Saturday evening the preparations begin....

Monestir de Sant Joan de les Abadesses

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More information: http://www.santjoandelesabadesses.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monastery_of_Sant_Joan_de_les_Abadesses http://www.monestirs.cat/monst/ripoll/crp14abad.htm (in Spanish) Video: © Generalit...

L’Escolania sings for the La Marató de TV3 telethon, with Sergio Dalma

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Escolania de Montserrat and Sergio Dalma sing "Em dónes força" ("You Raise Me Up") for the Catalan programme "La Marató de TV3" of 2011 to benefit biomedical research in the field of regeneration and transplantation o...

Recipes: a foodie paradise

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There is no video for this post but we wanted to present this cooking website from Núria, a Catalan foodie, in which many Catalan recipes are shown alongside other succulent typical Spanish and Basque dishes just ...

Vintage Cars Rally Barcelona-Sitges

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Vintage cars invade Barcelona for the rally to Sitges. Illustrious owners of these machines were dressed with typical costumes of the era. WHEN?: early March More information: http://www.visitsitges.com Gall...

Gastronomy in Catalonia

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The passion for seafood and agricultural produce, and the richness and originality of the traditional cuisine are the reason why Catalan cuisine has become one of the most admired on the planet in recent years. Cre...

El Palau de la Generalitat

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El Palau de la Generalitat is the residence of the President and the Government of Catalonia. Inside this building, the most important decisions affecting the lives of the Catalans are taken. It is also home to the mo...

Catalan food and drinks around the world

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Video: © prodecacatalunya Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_5IZFfwQw8

Holy Week in Girona

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WHEN: Western Easter Week More information: http://www.girona.cat/turisme/eng/activitats.php Video: © Ssantatarragona Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3CMXZtu_G8

Easter Week in Tarragona

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Some glimpses of the processions can be seen from minute 3' onwards. Part 2 of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxhGAn7HR2k WHEN: Western Easter Week More information: http://www.ssantatarragona.o...

Camping sites: holidays from a different perspective

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Campers span a broad range of age, ability, and ruggedness, and campsites are designed in many ways as well. Many campgrounds have sites with facilities such as fire rings, barbecue grills, utilities, shared bathr...

Calella de Palafrugell

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Calella de Palafrugell consists of a series of pretty coves strung out like pearls behind a fishing village, with whitewashed arches on the promenade providing a very relaxing holiday environment. Fishing boats are pu...

Recipes: xocolata amb xurros

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Xurros (Catalan, churros in Spanish), pronounced "shoe-roos"  is a fried-dough pastry— predominantly choux—based snack. Xurros are popular in Catalonia, in some other regions of Spain, France, the Philippines, Portuga...

How to prepare Rom Cremat

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On July 16th, many Catalan coastal towns celebrate the Virgin Carme festivity. This video shows the celebration at Port d'Aiguadolç in Sitges. This virgin is the protector of fishermen and sailors from the harshness o...

Mercat Medieval in Vic

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Mercat Medieval de Vic is a medieval fair, one of the biggest in Catalonia. The streets of the old town travel back in time to the Middle Ages, getting crowded by artisans, merchants and some theatre play that will su...

What exactly is a Festa Major -the town’s craziest block party- ?

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A Festa Major (roughly translated as The Major Festival) is a sort of annual street party celebrated in most cities, neighbourhoods, towns and villages throughout Catalonia. Each one of them has its own festa major an...

Escaping the city to the Vall d’Aran

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A nice video from a couple from Barcelona escaping a few days to the mountains of the Pyrenees, in the comarca (county) of Vall d'Aran, located at the top left corner of Catalonia (and also the wonderful area of Font ...

The Tarragona province

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Several popular destinations are located in the province, from its Roman capital Tarragona to the hotspots of Salou or Cambrils but also a world class amusement park at Port Aventura, near Salou, or medieval towns lik...

Tossa de Mar

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Tossa de Mar is a municipality located on the Costa Brava. In 966 Tossa was ceded by Count Miró of Barcelona to the Abbey of Ripoll. Some two centuries later, in 1187 Tossa was granted its charter by the Abbot of Ripo...