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Catalans, who banned in disgust bullfighting in 2012 and whose sedate national dance, the sardana, is unruffled by passion, are serious, hardworking people. Some associate them with northern Europeans rather than with Spaniards, whom they regard as indolent. In short, one could say they perhaps might be “a bit boring” (or maybe not).

But are they really?…

Two emotions are said to guide Catalans: seny, which means common sense, and rauxa, a creative chaos. The two elements are mixed in each person, and even the most staid may have the occasional cop de rauxa, or moment of chaotic ecstasy. Catalans are not burdened with self-doubt. The vigour with which they have rebuilt their nation after so many blows in recent history -they lost their self-governance to the Spanish in 1714- shows a flair and a firm hand.

Characteristic of Catalan culture, “seny i rauxa” is variously interpreted as a mix of avant garde and common sense, impulse and sanity, spontaneity and measured process, madcap and businesslike.

Check any typical “festa major” (major festival) celebrated in all cities, towns and villages through out the year and judge for yourself: -this one is from the small town of Valls (pop. 25158 (2010))

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