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The Catalan county of La Segarra is the quintessential land of castles. Its fortresses, towers, walls and enclosed villages spearhead its immense potential for tourism and heritage and makes it a primary tourist and cultural destination of great charm that one can’t miss.

The Route of the Castles of Sió has emboldened these buildings and has designed the identity of the region and its tourist attractions throughout the country. Gradually, the castles of the La Segarra county are occupying a prominent place within the projection of tourism in Catalonia, thanks to the development of an infrastructure and hosting services, catering and quality guided tours aimed at visitors.

The historical origin of this route back to the middle of the 11th century, when the river Sió was reconquered from the Arabs and soon proliferated castles and churches that guaranteed Christian presence in the region.

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Map of counties in Catalonia

To get there from Barcelona and follow the route a private car is needed.

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