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We’re sure some of our visitors will say “what’s so amazing about this?”… well, unpredictability, spontaneity, full of surprises — these are good things under most circumstances and Barcelona is awash in all three, except when it comes to weather. Today, four years ago, it snowed in Barcelona. The biggest snow in over 25 years. Snow in Barcelona is so uncommon that we can’t even get a reliable answer on when the last time was that it snowed like that. Barcelona weather in March is usually beautiful and sunny and quickly approaching summer, but alas, that March we found ourselves in a surprise winter wonderland.  The bus system went down, people were leaving work early, traffic was at a stand still and snowball fights were breaking out all over the place!

This is a city where the average low temperature for the month of March is 9ºC (48 °F). Not only did it snow, but the snow stuck to the ground and right at sea level (not just in the surrounding mountains). Despite Barcelona’s neighbouring mountains, snow in the city itself is rare, melting away after about a day. The temperatures here are best described as varying shades of warm and cool, the winters are humid and mild, the summers dry and warm. The weather in Barcelona is mostly sunny – we get over 2500 hours of sun in Barcelona a year on average. On the other hand we only get about 83 days of rain a year – which is not bad.

Don’t forget to have a peek at these rare pictures of Barcelona as you’ve probably not seen before.

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