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Xurros (Catalan, churros in Spanish), pronounced “shoe-roos”  is a fried-dough pastry— predominantly choux—based snack. Xurros are popular in Catalonia, in some other regions of Spain, France, the Philippines, Portugal, Latin America (including Brazil and Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands) and the United States. There are two types of xurros, one which is thin (and sometimes knotted) and the other which is long and thick.

Despite what many well-intended but often misinformed articles say, xocolata amb xurros is not eaten for breakfast in Catalan homes (gosh we’d be all fat!). Instead, xocolata amb xurros is a very typical dessert eaten in granges, that is to say, a milk bar–a little like a cafe, but with offerings that usually include a variety of hot chocolates and milk based beverages. For those looking for a break from bars, there’s no alcohol served there, not even beer. Many granges are holes in the wall and offer a variety of chocolates, milks, juices, teas and coffees as well as pastries, sandwiches and home made desserts. An excellent option for a berenar -an afternoon snack kids usually take between 5 and 6pm in Barcelona.


Xocolata amb xurros… dunk and eat!
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Catalans are known to be crazy for chocolate, since it was “discovered” it in the New World 500 years ago. As in centuries past, today Catalans eat rich hot chocolate, so thick that you can stand a xurro in it! If the only hot cocoa you’ve ever had is the kind made with powdered envelopes of mix and hot water, you won’t recognize this incredibly rich and flavorful drink. In fact, once you try the thick local version of hot chocolate, you might be hooked!

Some places to eat xocolata amb xurros in Barcelona:

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Gordon Ramsay’s recipe -but skip the chilli, don’t know where this boy get these crazy ideas but this ingredient is not, nor has ever been, part of the traditional hot chocolate recipe, at least in Catalonia!
Yet another recipe

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