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Pollastre amb bolets (chicken with mushrooms) is a traditional recipe made in many countries and with many variations. The video presents the typical Catalan way of cooking this recipe at home.

Pan-roasting is the easiest way there is to cook chicken. A quick sear and a slightly longer simmer with a flavoured liquid (all in one pan) gives chicken lots of flavour and great texture, too. Mushrooms are an excellent complement – my favourites include cremini, king, shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Although they’re often called “wild,” they are actually cultivated and available year-round. True wild mushrooms, such as morels, chanterelles and black trumpet, are foraged and will be available at farmers markets when the weather warms up. Since each mushroom has a different flavour, try to use at least four varieties to make the sauce complex and fragrant. If you can include some foraged ones, all the better. Tear the larger ones into pieces and leave the small ones whole for the best look.

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