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Xató (pronounced sha-toh) is a Catalan dish traditionally eaten in January and February, the two coldest months, during which the Catalans find the sharp taste stimulating and warming, although they ordinarily use very little pepper in their food. It is during this season, too, that the heart of curly endive, which is the base of the dish, is whitest. Generally served as a first course in Catalonia, xató is substantial enough to constitute a supper or lunch.

Xató is often served with an endive or escarole salad prepared with anchovy, tuna and cod fish and with a sauce made with almonds, hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, salt, and the nyora pepper.

This dish is popular  throughout the Garraf, Alt and Baix Penedès and Tarragonès regions, each town here has its special recipe.

WHEN?: March

More information: -in Catalan -Town Hall website

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