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During Christmas, in many Catalan homes you are going to find beautiful Nativity scenes, called pessebres in Catalan. Kids love those small figurines that we put into the Nativity scenes, and you can find as well Nativity scenes exhibitions in many towns and villages all over Catalonia.

The Associació de Pessebristes (Association of Nativity friends) located  in Barcelona offers an exhibition of truly artistic nativity scenes created by some of the most gifted artisans.

Some towns, such as Corbera de Llobregat (merely 40km./25mi. from Barcelona) celebrates each year since 1962, from late November to early January, several performances of live nativity scenes full of Catalan tradition and heritage in which over 200 inhabitants of the town participate in a 700 metres  (765 yards) long trail of different nativity scenes. Worth visiting with the kids!

Worth mentioning the unique Catalan tradition to include the caganer in these scenes. The name “El Caganer” literally means “the crapper” or “the shitter”. Traditionally, the figurine is depicted as a peasant, wearing the traditional Catalan red cap (the “barretina”) and with his trousers down, showing a bare backside, and defecating.  The caganer is a particular and highly popular feature of modern Catalan nativity scenes

More information: -only in Catalan/Spanish -live nativity association in Corbera, only in Catalan

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Video: © Barcelona Cultura

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