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The aim of the Museu d’Història de Catalunya (Museum of the History of Catalonia) is to showcase the history of Catalonia as a shared heritage, to preserve key objects from the history of Catalonia, and to help the community identify more strongly with their national history. In order to achieve its aim, the museum develops a historic narrative through its displays and organizes activities to disseminate and promote the history of Catalonia. The museum opened in 1996 in Barcelona with the aim of disseminating the history of Catalonia. It is housed in the former general warehouse in the old port, the Port Vell, which was built in 1901 and is known as the Palau del Mar.

The permanent display covers the 2nd and 3rd floors, taking you from the Stone Age through to the early 1980s. It is a busy hotchpotch of dioramas, artefacts, videos, models, documents and interactive bits: all up, an entertaining exploration of 2000 years of Catalan history. See how the Romans lived, listen to Arab poetry from the time of the Muslim occupation of the city, peer into the dwelling of a Dark Ages family in the Pyrenees, try to mount a knight’s horse or lift a suit of armour. When you have had enough of all this, descend into a civil-war air-raid shelter, watch a video in Catalan on post-Franco Catalonia or head upstairs to the first-rate rooftop restaurant and cafe, 1881. The temporary exhibitions are often as interesting as the permanent display.

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