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The Museu de Cera de Barcelona (Wax Museum) provides an opportunity to meet over 300 personalities, both real and fictitious, from all periods of history. Against a backdrop of authentic sets, audiovisuals and realistic sound effects, the waxworks come to life to tell us about their illustrious, and sometimes tragic lives which have crossed the threshold of time.

The Museum de Cera also has two unusual cafés: El Bosc de les Fades (The Forest of the Fairies) is a unique, magical space which recreates a haunted forest, right down to the last detail: trees, fountains, will o’ the wisps and other fantastic creatures and the Passatge del Temps (The Passage of Time) will captivate you with its cutting-edge design and comfortable atmosphere, while offering an innovative take on the ancient art of origami.

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Museu de Cera fact file -official site

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El Bosc de les Fades (The Forest of the Fairies)

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