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Escolania de Montserrat and Sergio Dalma sing “Em dónes força” (“You Raise Me Up”) for the Catalan programme “La Marató de TV3” of 2011 to benefit biomedical research in the field of regeneration and transplantation of organs and tissues. The song is sung in Catalan.

La Marató de TV3 is an annual telethon broadcast by Televisió de Catalunya and the Fundació La Marató de TV3 to raise funds for scientific research into diseases which are currently incurable. But La Marató de TV3 is more than just a fund-raising drive. It also informs the Catalan public about these diseases and explains the need for research aimed at preventing and curing them. Just as important as the money raised by the telethon are the scientific publications, the awareness-raising, and public education in scientific questions.

This live television programme is broadcast in December every year and lasts about 15 hours. It is hosted by one or two well-known individuals who, like the rest of the team, put in a true marathon effort. Every year La Marató attracts an audience of more than 3 million viewers (Catalonia’s population: 7.565.603 (2012)), collects an average of 7 million euros, and mobilises so many people that it is regarded as Catalonia’s great festival of community spirit and generosity. It is the most successful televised fund-raiser in Spain and ranks among the most prestigious international telethons.

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