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The Ribera d’Ebre county, literally meaning “banks of the Ebre river” -one of the most important rivers on the Iberian Peninsula: Ebre in Catalan, Ebro in Spanish- is one of those little hidden gems that Catalonia has to offer. Formed by 14 small towns with a total of population of less than 50,000 offers the visitor a true glimpse of rural Catalonia combining nature, outdoor activities, great food, ancient traditions and the spectacular Ebre river, centre of the life in this area.

Visitors interested in 20th century history will also find in this area fortifications and remains of the some of the most vicious battles of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) as the Ebre river constituted the last line of defence before the fascists troops of rebel General Franco defeated the the Republican Army and the war ended.

More info: — Tourism Board’Ebre

How to get there from Barcelona

Video: © Turisme de la Ribera d’Ebre

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