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In lieu of current political events in Catalonia (Oct 2017), we found it’s important for our visitors to show them how Catalans celebrate their demonstrations.

Here a summary of La Diada 2017, celebrated on Sep 11th, the National Day of Catalonia. A day full of emotions and high spirits but also firm demands and self-affirmation, yet always peacefully and on a happy mood, with families spanning generations celebrating its heritage and patriotism together. Like every year, the Diada included many more activities, of course, such as Castellers (human towers), historical reenactments, flower offerings to honour fallen heroes, parades and musical events among other. If you happen to be planning to visit Barcelona next year, make sure your time here includes this day as well… and enjoy with us all our celebrations. Everybody is always welcome and you’ll surely have a .

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Catalonia rises on a wave of independence
La Diada 2014

Video: © Assemblea Nacional Catalana


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