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On July 16th, many Catalan coastal towns celebrate the Virgin Carme festivity. This video shows the celebration at Port d’Aiguadolç in Sitges. This virgin is the protector of fishermen and sailors from the harshness of the sea. Traditionally, a fishermen boat will be selected to carry the figure of Virgin Carme on a parade followed by other fishermen boats. The celebration continues at the harbor where rom cremat (literally burnt rum but also referred as flaming rum), a very traditional Catalan alcoholic drink, is served and havaneres (sailor songs) are performed -you can hear some in the background of this video. The recipe for rom cremat is very simple and is explained in the video.

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Apologies for the low quality of the video presented but we thought it was interesting nonetheless to illustrate this event.

Video: © oriolpascual


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