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The passion for seafood and agricultural produce, and the richness and originality of the traditional cuisine are the reason why Catalan cuisine has become one of the most admired on the planet in recent years.

Creativity, ingenuity and daring are the terms often used to describe the Catalan chefs of avant-garde cuisine. These same words serve to qualify many of the combinations of ingredients that form part of the popular cuisine and which today may also seem revolutionary, as is the trend of the Empordà region to combine seafood and agricultural products.

Different forms of cuisine as diverse as rural, seafood and bourgeois are combined in Catalonia, where it is not strange to find dishes from other areas that have become naturally popular.

The first major step to the modernisation of Catalan cuisine, classified in the last century by Ignasi Domènech, was taken by Josep Mercader from Empordà at the beginning of the sixties in the Empordà Motel of Figueres. Very nearby, in the Moltjoi cove (Roses), the great revolution that has positioned Catalonia at the centre of the gastronomic world has taken place in recent years. Ferran Adrià, repeatedly declared the best chef in the world, has managed to create a new cuisine language that has become universal from El Bulli Restaurant in Moltjoi Cove.

The interest in his creativity has meant that critics and gastronomes have become curious about what the Catalan cuisine has to offer, where the attraction of the cuisine of chefs renowned by the prestigious Michelin guide, such as Carme Ruscalleda, Santi Santamaria and Joan Roca, is complemented with the cuisine of restaurants run by young creative chefs around Catalonia.

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