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The European Balloon Festival takes place during the first fortnight of July in Igualada, 60km west from Barcelona, for four days (Thursday to Sunday) more than fifty hot air balloons fly the skies of this rural area of Catalonia. The festival and competition attracts over 25000 visitors every year. The European Balloon Festival is a concentration and a festival of hot air balloons, which meets the recreational aspect of the flight and the beauty of this sport and the competition aspect. Over the four days of the festival, visitors can enjoy the spectacle of seeing colourful balloons participate in scheduled activities or to take off in a balloon themselves.

Igualada is the capital of the county of l’Anoia which spreads, to the west of Montserrat, rough and dry towards Central Catalonia. There, the farming spirit reigns, still present and alive, where visitors are welcomed with the kindness and affection of those that know how to be hospitable in a rough natural environment. The archaeological site of L’Abric Romaní, the paper mills, the castles of Marca, traditional dry farming area and stopping point on the way to Lleida and Aragón: L’Anoia is very diverse in its homogeneity of peaceful villages with paths close by and objectives far off on the horizon.

WHEN?:  mid July

How to get there from Barcelona

More information: of the festival -web of the county

Video: © Ajuntament d’Igualada

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