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The Rumba Catalana is a genre of music that developed in Barcelona’s Romani community beginning in the 1950s. Its rhythms are derived from the flamenco rumba, with influences from Cuban music and rock and roll. The Catalan rumba originated in the Catalan Romani communities in the Gràcia, carrer (street) de la Cera del Raval and Hostafrancs neighborhoods. The Romani community in those neighborhoods is long-established and Catalan-speaking. The songs are sung indistinctly in Catalan and Spanish and its one of the proudest results of a successful blend of different cultures in Catalonia.

The Diada de la Rumba (The Day of the Rumba) is a day of free events, concerts and workshops, some especially for children, dedicated to promote this musical genre. A summary of a past edition with examples of rumbas playing in the background can be seen here.

WHEN?: mid December, but check website as it may vary

More information: -in Catalan -in Catalan -in Spanish

Video: © Barcelona Cultura

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