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This place great tip if you love cooking international recipes at home, but can’t seem to find some of the ingredients because they are odd here (never mind how popular they are in other latitudes). I’m talking about DeliShop, the kind of food and cooking supplies store you were looking for.

DeliShop develops an interesting culinary and commercial concept (world cooking basics), ideal for a city like Barcelona where an important proportion of its population comes from so many and different places. What would you like to eat today? Where does that flavor come from? Let your appetite pick up the right destination: Maybe Japan or India, China, Thailand, North or South America? If you feel curious about other cultures you should go to the DeliShop and take a look. You will make a trip around the world at a glance. What started as a small gourmet market, has grown into a Barcelona phenomenon which attracts expats, housewives and foodies alike. Expanding from the original idea of offering just their products for cooking, DeliShop has rewritten the book on cooking classes offering such gems as cooking classes during your lunch break, which allows you to prepare your own meal and learn as you go.

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