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In Alcanar, a small fishing town located in the southernmost edge of Catalonia, by the river Ebre delta, the Day of the Mussel of the Ebre Delta has been celebrated every year since 2001. Hundreds of kilograms of steamed mussels are served among all visitors in order to promote this healthy seafood. The venue combines wine tastings from the wineries of the D.O. Terra Alta.

The event is sponsorized by Cademar, one of the biggest producers in the area. Every year, 250,000kg (>500,000 pounds) of mussels, 45,000kg (>90,000 pounds) of oysters and over 5,000kg (>10,000 pounds) of clams are produced by this company which manages three long line farms, 3.6km (2.2mi) each, in open sea in front of the town.

Apologies for the video presented as it’s mostly an interview (and not in English!) nonetheless you can catch glimpses of the place throughout the video. Note this is NOT a tourist attraction per se -as neither most off-the-beaten path proposals in this website- but something for those looking out for “non-touristy” stuff to do/to see.

How to get there from Barcelona

WHEN?: last Saturday of July -TBC

More info: -tourist board of Alcanar -town hall website

Other videos:

Visiting the mussels farms at the Ebre river delta

Video: © Objectiu Alcanar

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