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The Corpus Christi Festival is one of the prettiest events in Sitges. The streets of the town covered in murals made from flower petals as part of a long standing tradition. On Saturday evening the preparations begin. Streets such as Carrer Bonaire and Santiago Rusinol often take more than 12 hours to complete their designs. Residents of Sitges start early in the morning and make lovely patterned street carpets using flowers petals and seeds. The floral carpets, called “catifes de flors” in Catalan, cover almost all of the narrow streets of Sitges and some of the little squares. Other highlights are the clove fair, called “mostra de clavells” in Catalan, with over 2000 flower pots and over 100 types of cloves. During this festival, a “Concurs de Catifes de Flors” (contest of carpet flowers) is celebrated and the different streets compete with each other to create the most elaborate and beautiful designs.

Corpus Christi which is Latin for Body of Christ, is a Catholic festival to honour the Eucharist. The date of Corpus Christi changes every year and falls 60 days after Easter Sunday. Catalonia it is usually from the Thursday after Trinity Sunday “Dia del Corpus” until the Sunday after Trinity Sunday. The tradition of carpet flower making is thought to have originated in the middle ages for the feast of Corpus Christi with decorations and motifs becoming more elaborate over time. Floral carpets, also called Sawdust carpets, can be also found in Spain, Mexico and South America.

WHEN?: a Sunday in mid June

How to get there from Barcelona

More information: -website of the festival

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