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Sardanagegantscastellers,  balls de bastons, dance troupes and hawks, among others, are the stars of the Catalan heritage, a show of regular performances of traditional and popular culture. Barcelona has an active network of Cases de la Festa, popular culture and traditional spaces spread across different neighborhoods that cater to such diverse organizations such as castellers (human towers) or sardanistes (groups of Sardana dancers) among many other.

While these expressions of culture and tradition happen normally in streets and squares of the city during the numerous festivities of the year, their organisers need places to meet for planning and organising, training and learning and also to keep their tools and archives. Their main mission is to promote traditional and popular culture.

In order to be able to follow the numerous activities of such a large network of Cases de la Festa, an information portal was set up by the City Hall in order to centralize their news and events. Their main festival is “La Festa Catalana” (literally, the Catalan Party), celebrated from May to August on Saturday evenings (7:30pm to 9pm) in squares around the Catedral in Barri Gòtic where perfomances from associations from different Cases de la Festa are held.

WHEN?: saturday evenings from May to August

More information: -only in Catalan

Video: © Barcelona Cultura

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