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Info for clubbing:

  • 18yo is the legal age to be considered a full grown up (drinking, etc)
  • No tennis shoes/sneakers -or whatever you call them in your neck of the woods. That’s often something the bouncers will pay attention to, especially on guys, to refuse you entrance. Other than that, it’s a bit depending on the club although in general terms there isn’t much trouble to get in anywhere.
  • On Fri/Sat people tends to go out at say 9ish for a drink to a bar or two, perhaps dinner (or just grabbing something to eat: some tapas…) and then go to the clubs at 11 or 12 until 3am (closing time for most bars) or 5am (closing time for clubs/discos). Then some hardcore party-goers still wait until 7ish in the morning or so for the ‘after-hours’ to open. After-hours are just like clubs and there are a few scattered around the city.

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