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English version of the beautiful theme ” T’espero” by Beth Rodergas, better known as Beth, for promoting tourism in Catalonia. Born in Súria, at the heart of Catalonia, Beth is a popular singer that in 2003 competed in the musical talent show Operación Triunfo. She finished third, but in a separate vote was selected by the audience to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. She finished eighth at Eurovision with the song Dime (Tell Me), that was a number one hit in Catalonia and Spain and that edition of the contest was the most watched TV program both in Catalonia and Spain in 2003. She was referred by British commentator Terry Wogan as Kylie Minogue in dreadlocks, which was played on by many British tabloids.

More information: -a selection of 19 destinations around Catalonia which have a comprehensive range of accessible tourist resources for disabled people -Turisme de Barcelona’s website for disabled people

Video: © Turismeperatothom

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