About us


What is InfoCatalonia.eu?
The best video repository about Barcelona, Catalonia in general and The Catalans… aiming to show and explain foreign visitors and tourists alike what this small nation is all about: what to dowhat to see and where to go. We have plenty of beaches, monuments, historical sites, picturesque little towns, breathtaking scenic views, sacred places, high peaks and mountain ranges, ski resorts, old ruins, diverse and unique flora and fauna, beautiful natural parks, one of the world’s best gastronomy, wonderful and warm people, and plenty of sun… and all these within Catalonia, a small territory the size of Belgium or the state of Maryland (US), what else can you ask for?

Discover Barcelona and Catalonia with us!

This is a FREE non-official and non-commercial site, all the contents have been gathered from public sources and credited to their respective authors and are displayed for the information and convenience of the public, and do not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by InfoCatalonia.eu. (See Credits).

How come it's FREE?
Usage of InfoCatalonia.eu is FREE because we created it simply as a hobby to show the wonderful treasures of our small country Catalonia and us Catalans to the World.
Why videos? what's the goal?
Because video works. It’s the most effective and efficient way to relay a message about something, a place, an idea, a sensation or an experience. Video has become the number one communication vehicle. We believe that websites like Tripadvisor, Virtualtourist and even Facebook are great sites to ask, discuss and get advice from locals and tourists alike but InfoCatalonia.eu is “the” place to understand that advice, by seeing for yourself. It’s certainly the closest you’ll get to the real thing. Thus, we encourage to use our site as a complement to these and other fine travel sites.
Why is this particular place/theme/subject not covered?
In order for a specific place/theme or subject to be portrayed in InfoCatalonia.eu a video about it has first to exist and be publicly available elsewhere on the Internet. Then, it has to be relevant to the issue at hand and be relatively short (clips). Then, it has to be either in English, subtitled in English or be self-explanatory -even if it’s in a different language- so our audience is able “to get it”. And finally, it has to have a certain level of quality both in technical terms -we try to avoid too amateurish videos- as well as content-wise. Unfortunately, and despite the gazillion of videos in the Internet, not everything is yet covered, even some obvious subjects/places… or at least we haven’t found them yet! If you feel there’s a place/theme or subject relevant to this website that we should be including and we haven’t, and you know where to find a video adjusted to the above criteria… simply let us know: [email protected] 
Would you like to have your video portrayed in InfoCatalonia.eu?
Do you have a video you’d like us to include? Send us a link to [email protected] and we’ll have a look. We DO NOT charge for it -nor pay out any money either-, if we like it we’ll simply link it.
Who chooses what to include in InfoCatalonia.eu?
Us! :)… we are a handful of Catalans volunteers and enthusiasts of Catalonia who spend many hours of our personal free time surfing and scouting hundreds of videos and handpicking those that fill the above criteria and we feel can be more useful to you. We have now over 500 videos indexed in our website. 
Copyright issues?
InfoCatalonia.eu is SIMPLY AN INDEX and it does NOT host, provide or engage in the uploading of any of the videos listed. We gather LINKS to videos but the actual videos themselves are not stored on our servers, thus, we have little control over them and their sources. We do however fully comply with the Ley 22/1987, de 11 de noviembre de 1987 de Propiedad Intelectual and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Infringement notices are treated with our highest priority and we take appropriate actions to protect copyright holders’ rights. If you are the rightfull rights’ owner of any video or other media displayed in this site and wish us to remove it please write to [email protected] indicating the URL of the offending item. 
A video is not working or is no longer available
As mentioned above, we do not host the videos, these are hosted elsewhere and controlled by their respective uploaders so there isn’t much we can do. If a video doesn’t work it might be because there is a problem with the hosting service (ie. Youtube), just wait a bit and try again. Still, if you discover a broken link please let us know and we’ll remove it from InfoCatalonia.eu. Thanks in advance!