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The 48H Open House Festival represents a unique opportunity to enjoy architectural experiences related to a city’s history. The event, started some years ago in London, is now celebrated in over 15 cities around the world.

At 48H Open House Barcelona, visitors can enjoy from roman runes to contemporary architecture, going through Catalan gothic, neoclassic, modernist and modern style buildings which are included in the program. Besides, a wide range of dwellings representing from different periods and many examples of urban transformation, emphasizing the ones of the Olympic Games, would allow citizens to enhance their knowledge of Barcelona’s history. On the other hand, different themed tours are available depending on the visitors’ interests such as Barcelona’s Fàbriques de Creació (which includes old industrial buildings adapted to settle cultural, educational and entertainment activities), or Barcelona’s Theatre and City tour (focusing on the way this activity can transformed Barcelona’s citizens’ life and urban structure throughout history).

In the video, a view of the Torre Girona (Girona’s Mannor) which might look like a religious building, what with its two towers, but it isn’t. And far from it. It was built in the mid-19th century and was home to the financier and politician, Manuel Girona. But it now has an entirely different use. It houses the Mare Nostrum supercomputer which dominates the centre of the spectacular chapel, dumbfounding the hundreds of unsuspecting visitors who come in to see the building. Mare Nostrum is the third most powerful computer in Spain and 29th in the world. It was launched on 2005 and researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia use it to carry out research into the human genome, protein structures and the design of new medicines, among many other projects.

The audio is in Catalan yet the video will give you an idea on what to expect when visiting the place.

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Torre Girona, the HO of the Mare Nostrum supercomputer -in Catalan only. -in English -Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

WHEN?: mid October

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