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So, you’ve had a peek to our page and you liked what you saw… didn’t you? It is no doubt that a vacation can be enjoyed better with proper and thorough preparation.

Start planning your holiday then!

Some tips on having a worry-free trip

So, if you are thinking of visiting Catalonia, follow these tips to have a worry-free trip:

First, choose a date and place.

This should be done at an earliest time possible so that you can easily fulfil the rest of your travelling preparations. So, meet with your companions and come up with a specific holiday date and location. When deciding on these factors, consider the weather, budget, and itinerary. What do you want to experience on your upcoming trip? Have a look below under “What kind of holidays do you like…” for some suggestions to help you to decide. Ponder on this vital aspect so that you can successfully come up with a destination that really meets the leisure plans of the family/group. Here are some good tips to find local information.

Second, set a budget.

It is also important to decide on a specific travelling budget since this will guide you on your holiday expenditure. It is important that you come up with an estimated vacation amount. If you do not have enough resources, then you should opt for an escapade that is less luxurious but exciting nonetheless. Just go for inexpensive yet really enjoyable itineraries so that you can really make the most of an overseas tour even on a shoestring. However, you can also choose to be lavish if you think a non-skimpy agenda will really make your short-term break worthwhile. Whatever your recreational desires are, make sure you make them happen with your finances in mind.

Third, book an accommodation.

By doing so, you will have no worries at all as you reach an unfamiliar destination. Thus, it would be great if you take time to choose a rental facility online, whether it’s a hotel or an apartment. You can even easily find the right accommodation by asking advice on websites such as Tripadvisor or VirtualTourist.

Fourth, plan an itinerary.

If you are planning a vacation to Catalonia you must include at the very least Barcelona and Girona in your must-visit places, as well as Montserrat and also an escapade to the Costa Brava. This is a good example of setting a specific travelling itinerary. With a well-planned journey, you can make the most of your overseas trip.

Fifth, pack your bags.

This is where you see to it that all your travelling essentials are in your luggage. Some of the items that you should not dare forget are passport, wallet, mobile phone, camera, swimwear, and toiletries. Of course, you must bring enough clothes so that you can enjoy every holiday activity to the fullest! Would it not be great to experience a hassle-free and convenient vacation? Thus, remember these pointers by heart and get ready to make an overseas trip really worthwhile!

How to use InfoCatalonia.eu

We’ve arranged the videos in this portal so you can locate what you like in four different manners:

1.) Choosing the region you’d like to visit:howtouse-1 2.) Choosing a taghowtouse-2
3.) Searching for a place in the search box:howtouse-3 4.) Or simply browsing all videos:howtouse-4

Also note that each individual video contains a description and other information that might be useful to you:


  • a brief description explaining the activity or providing a background of the place
  • where appropriate, a link to ‘how to get there from Barcelona’ linking to a service called “Travelling around Catalunya on public transport” offered by the Catalan government where you’ll find information about the operators servicing the different public transport routes: names, adressses, schedules, etc.
  • websites where you’ll find more details under “More information”
  • other videos in this portal (or external) related to the same place/activity under “Other videos”
What kind of holidays do you like...

Start by having a look at our map of Catalonia to have a better idea what’s where. See the main seven regions, which we call vegueries (pronounced “vah-ga-ree-as”), these are a type of division defined as a specific territorial area for the exercise of government and inter-local cooperation with legal personality.

We know it is totally unfair to reduce all what you can see/do in each one of the regions to a few words, yet to have a quick idea we’ve prepared these tag clouds for you, click on the image to see it full size:

 tagc_bcn tagc_gir  tagc_cce
Barcelona Girona Central Catalonia
 tagc_tar  tagc_ebr  tagc_lle
Camp de Tarragona Terres de l’Ebre Lleida
Pyrenees-Vall d’Aran
Websites you might want to check
Recommended plans for a week-end escapade or for a full week: sightseeing, relaxing, romancing, trekking...

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