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La Diada, 11 sept 2014: Catalan National Day

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Sept. 11th marks a far older tragedy for Catalans -- the day in 1714, amid the War of Spanish Succession, when Catalan forces holding out in Barcelona succumbed to the Franco-Spanish (Castilian) forces of the Bourbon ...

What Catalan National Day means?

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On September 11th, 1714, after a thirteen-month siege, the city of Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, fell into the hands of French and Spanish (Castilian) troops in what would be the final episode in the Spanish War of...

Catalonia: The future is another country

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Matthew Tree conference celebrated in 2010, intended to explain Catalonia to a group of American students: how he discovered Catalonia and the experiences he had while living with Catalans. He also reviews the main fa...

Why does Catalonia want to become independent?

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Have you heard of a place called Catalonia?... maybe Barcelona does ring a bell. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a small nation over 1000 years old located in the north east of Spain. In 711, the Muslim army...

Plaça Sant Jaume

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More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pla%C3%A7a_Sant_Jaume Tourist information Centre Video: © videosfrombarcelona Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJAvJhpWFag

El Palau de la Generalitat

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El Palau de la Generalitat is the residence of the President and the Government of Catalonia. Inside this building the most important decisions affecting the lives of the Catalans are taken. It is also home to the mos...

Catalan food and drinks around the world

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Video: © prodecacatalunya Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_5IZFfwQw8

The food markets in Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the few cities in the world to have a network of markets distributed in such a way that every neighbourhood has a market. Beyond the contribution they make to the quality of life of citizens as pro...

Catalonia rises on a wave of independence

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"I am part of Catalan culture, and it is very important to me." "We have a very open way of seeing the world. For many years the Catalan culture was undermined, I feel that if we do not fight for it, that will happen...

The Stream – Farewell Spain?

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Will Catalonia become Europe's newest state? We examine the increasingly popular Catalan separatist movement. Video: © Al Jazeera Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVlQXXk_cZc

Teresa Forcades, the radical Catalan nun on a mission

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Sister Teresa Forcades is one of Catalonia's foremost political figures, but uniquely for a faith-led figure in Spain, her ideology is feminist and left-wing. Against a backdrop of continued economic contraction and a...

Football and politics?

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FC Barcelona: More than a club in Catalonia's road to independence As Catalonia votes in an election that could lead to a referendum on independence from Spain, Sid Lowe looks at one of the region's great cultural ...

Spain: Calls for Catalan Independence

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Most of Catalonia's citizens think the region would flourish if it could finally separate from the rest of Spain. The independence movement in the autonomous northeastern region is thriving in the midst of the countr...

Space Hotel proposal for Barcelona

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... I honestly doubt this will ever be built in Barcelona, we are a Mediterranean city and this style of buildings doesn't fit in our life-style nor our way on understanding modern times and the future! (infocat) V...

Catalan Way 2013

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The Catalan Way (Catalan: Via Catalana), also known as the Catalan Way towards Independence, was a 480-kilometre (300 mi) human chain in support of Catalan independence from Spain. It was organized by the Assemblea Na...

Independence, step by step

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Over the last 20 years, 19 European regions have become full-fledged independent nations. Six of the 19 countries—Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia—are now member states of the Euro...

Hello Europe!

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"Hola, Europa!" (Hello, Europe!) is a documentary film on the current political situation in Catalonia. 31 personalities reflect on the right of the Catalan people to decide their own future and Catalonia's place in t...

Good Bye, Spain?

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This documentary directed by Dolors Genovès and broadcasted by TV3, Televisió de Catalunya in October 2010 compares the reality of Greenland, Scotland and Quebec with Catalonia, and reflects about the following questi...

Catalonia: Spain’s Secret Conflict

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Documentary about the struggle of the state of Catalonia within Spain. "Through these polls [for Catalonia's independence] the Catalans are sending a clear message to Spain: for 300 years we've had to listen to you...